• Homemade Pizza With Ice Syrup Drizzle

    Homemade Pizza With Ice Syrup Drizzle

    Pizza topped with Prosciutto, Fresh Tomatoes, Bacon and Baby Arugula  and drizzled with Ice Syrup hot out of the oven, outstanding.

  • Delicious Salad Dressings and Drizzles

    Delicious Salad Dressings and Drizzles

    Delicious Arugula, candied pecans in Ice Syrup, dehydrated cranberries, and Asian brown pear salad.

  • Prosciutto wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

    Prosciutto wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

    Tantilizing prosciutto wrapped Jalapeno poppers and goat cheese.

  • From Tortes to Cocktails

    From Tortes to Cocktails

    Enhance any dessert while satisfying the sweetest tooth.

Susur Lee

Susur Lee

Celebrity Chef

World renowned chefs are taking notice of this exciting new Canadian product. Celebrity Chef Susur Lee is at the forefront of integrating Ice Syrup into this unique and dynamic culinary style.

Chef's Corner

In our Chef's Corner, we bring you a collection of locally developed and internationally indulged Ice Syrup recipes. Choose your favourite Chef or see what other foodies are doing at home. Browse through them, download, print and taste for yourself! We welcome you to send us your creations or visit our facebook page to share your ideas with the world. With limitless possibilities of culinary combinations, Ice Syrup is a must for any kitchen!

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What is Ice Syrup

What is Ice Syrup

Ice Syrup is a unique, one-of-kind food product with unlimited versatility, endless applications and the ability to morph flavours and enhance foods both as a stand-alone food and beverage condiment or an ingredient in multiple food applications.

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