The Product

The Product

All Natural

Ice Syrup™ is a wholly natural and distinctive Canadian product derived from Vidal and Cabernet grapes varieties. Ice Syrup is a unique, one-of-kind food product with unlimited versatility, endless applications and the ability to morph flavours and enhance foods both as a stand-alone food/beverage condiment or an ingredient in multiple food applications.

Ice Syrup is a perfect substitution for sugar, flavorings, salt, spices, glutamate based products, caffeine, citric acid, vinegars, oils, glazes, butter, oleo & shortening.
 Ice Syrup is perfect in drinks, appetizers, non-alcoholic apéritifs, savory entrees, desserts, & cocktails. It will enhance any recipe with just a simple drizzle over top.


• 100% Pure Natural Essence, Vitis Vinifera grapes
• No added sugars, flavors, colours or preservatives
• Yeast & gluten free
• Vegetarian & vegan friendly
• Natural calcium, potassium & magnesium
• Beneficial antioxidants & reservatrol*
• Featured in Canadian Living Magazine, House & Home, Wine Spectator
• Used by Top Canadian Chefs Susur Lee, Michael Smith & Mark McEwan
*In medical studies, resveratrol has been shown to lower blood sugar

Tony Aspler

"I used the Vidal Ice Syrup as a glaze for pork chops – painted it on while barbecuing -  and it was delicious. Next stop pancakes."

Tony Aspler

Wine Writer

Ice Syrup Media
Ice Syrup Wins Premier's Award for Excellence

Ice Syrup Wins Premier's Award for Excellence